Hey there, I'm Mary!

I’m an ex-fearful flyer turned flight attendant with a background in Psychology and Education. Now, my passion is teaching fearful flyers how to conquer their fear of flying!

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from Fearful Flyer to Flight Attendant

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Common Questions from Passengers with Flight Anxiety

Q: Turbulence triggers my flight anxiety, do I have reason to be scared?A: Turbulence is by far the number one thing that causes flight anxiety. However asides from the rarest circumstances, turbulence is not dangerous. It's just a normal part of...

What are the Odds of Dying in a Plane Crash?

If you have a fear of flying, chances are you've been told by someone, "don't worry, there's nothing to fear, flying is safe." You might have even heard the saying "you're more likely to die on the car ride to the airport than on the...

5 Thinking Traps Causing your Flying Anxiety

Back when my flying anxiety was at its worst, I thought that even the slightest mechanical problem would cause my plane to go crashing down. In my mind, even a loose screw on the plane meant my flight was doomed. Of course, it sounds silly now, but it’s...

Scared of Turbulence? Then read this

If you have ever flown then you’ve experienced the dreaded and unexpected shakes known as turbulence. And if you are the least bit anxious about flying, then chances are that turbulence is one of the most, if not the most, unnerving part of the flying...

5 Last Minute Tricks For Fear of Flying

It’s the big day and your flight is leaving soon. Looming catastrophic thoughts are already popping up. Your fear of flying is going to make this journey hell... But you have to get on that plane.How are you going to get through the flight?Luckily for you, I have some...

Top 5 Fear of Flying Books

Do Fear of Flying Books Really Help? Our modern world is filled with quick “twitter type” bursts of information. We can get instant answers to our questions on Wikipedia or even Youtube. So when it comes to overcoming your flying anxiety, are fear of flying books even...

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