Do Fear of Flying Books Really Help?

Our modern world is filled with quick “twitter type” bursts of information. We can get instant answers to our questions on Wikipedia or even Youtube. So when it comes to overcoming your flying anxiety, are fear of flying books even necessary?

Yes! If you're an anxious flyer, fear of flying books can be your best friend.

If you have a ton of flying anxiety like I did, chances are watching one Youtube video will probably not get rid of your fear. So if you’re really committed to beating your fear, you’ll need to do more. One way to do that is by reading some of the top fear of flying books.

When I was trying to overcome my own flying phobia, I read all the fear of flying books I could find. Not only did reading these books give me many necessary tools to beat my flying anxiety, but they gave me the confidence and hope that it WAS possible to conquer my fear of flying.

However, not all fear of flying books are created equal. Frankly, some of the books I found were pretty useless. But there were a few books that made a huge impact, and really helped me.

Below is a list of my top fear of flying books. Even though these books use a number of different approaches, they all help you do one thing: Change the way you think and feel about flying.

Here's a list of some of the best fear of flying books on the market!

Cockpit Confidential

By Captain Patrick Smith

If you want to educate yourself on flying then this is the book for you! In Cockpit Confidential, Patrick Smith, an airline pilot, covers the nuts and bolts of flying. He also debunks common myths about air travel.

His approach to calming nervous passenger comes from revealing all there is to know about the aviation industry.

In addition, the book covers a wide range of topics including how planes fly, safety, turbulence, pilot training, and many others.

It's a proven fact that the more you know about aviation as a fearful flyer, the less nervous you will be. This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to better understand the mystery of flying.


By Captain Tom Bunn

In SOAR, Captain Bunn - a pilot and psychologist - takes a clinical approach to dealing with a fear of flying. He uncovers the inner workings of how fear is processed in our brain and how you can short-circuit that process.

In addition to going over how flying works and why it is safe, Captain Bunn teaches you: How to strategically plan your flight, how to choose the right airlines and a number of strategies to stop or eliminate flying anxiety.

Captain Bunn also reveals how to automatically stop stress hormones (fear) from arising.

Flying without Fear

By Duane Brown

Flying without Fear is a comprehensive guidebook to combat your fear of flying. The book is based on cognitive behavioral therapy. It will provide you with techniques to help you relax during flight, and also help manage pre-flight stress.

The updated edition also includes new information that addresses concerns about terrorism and airport security measures adopted after 9/11.

Flying without Fear 101

By Richard Conway and Paul Tizzard

Written by co-founders of the Virgin Atlantic Airlines course, “Flying Without Fear” is a guide written in Question & Answer format. It gets straight into answering questions directly taken from real people suffering from flight-related anxieties. The answers include a mixture of explanation of the underlying causes, as well as strategies to help you overcome the problematic area. Though rich in information, the book is written in a light-hearted and conversational way, making it an easy read.

Fear of Flying Workbook

By David Carbonell

David Carbonell has been running fearful flyer workshops for over 20 years and brings his knowledge and experience to the readers in this book.

In Fear of Flying Workbook Carbonell explains the incorrect ways that most of us deal with our fears. To counter this vicious cycle he encourages us to explore the reasons behind our own fear. He does this by providing specific questions to help us uncover these reasons.

His book combines cognitive behavioral therapy with acceptance and commitment therapy. This combinational approach is very effective at removing the underlying causes of the fear thereby changing our response to the usual fear triggers.

While there are some overlapping themes that can be found, each of the books mentioned provides a unique take on beating your fear of flying.


The 5 Fear of flying books mentioned above are all extremely useful tools to help you overcome your fear. Each offers a unique solution to the problem. These fear of flying books will provide you with practical techniques and highly effective approaches so that you can overcome your fear of flying once and for all.